A Cheesy Afternoon in Manhattan

I think its safe to say that cheese is quite possible one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity. The versatility alone makes this beautiful food in a league of its own. From all of the styles, flavors, shapes and sizes you can literally never get bored of cheese. Tasha and I have a serious problems with it, and if you check our credit card statement you will probably see a third of the  purchases were spent on cheese. I know we aren’t alone, that’s why I’m not afraid to talk about this addiction. With that said, we found a spot on the Lower East Side of Manhattan that was called Cheese Grille. As the name implies, they serve copious amounts of cheese including grilled cheese and soup creations. You can see some of their dishes below on the chalkboard menu.Grilled Cheese Menu

We have seen this spot all over instagram and they have quite the following of their own, with over 42,000 cheese loving followers. Going into this visit we already had an idea of what we would be ordering, but as usual, we ordered more than we set out for, because the menu looked way too enticing. I knew I had to get the Buffalo Mac and Cheese, as I am always craving buffalo wings, literally every day of my life–add that to mac and cheese and its game over.Buffalo Mac and Cheese

Following the Buffalo Mac and Cheese, we ordered some mac and cheese bites that came with a side of tomato soup for dipping. The rest of our order consisted of two classic grilled cheeses, a side salad, Classic Mac & Cheese and finally one of their most popular dishes, the Crispy Goat. The crispy goat was popular for all the right reasons—Chevre, Goat Gouda, Applewood Bacon,  and Avocado On Multigrain Bread. We felt super fancy eating it (pinky out), because this was not like a children’s  kraft single sandwiches by any means. This was a flavor explosion and the crispy bacon added the perfect contrast of textures. Grilled Cheese

cheese stackmac and cheese bitesCheese spreadMac and cheese

Why we loved this spot? It offers cold beer, fantastic service and delicious/cheesy dishes. Not much more you can ask for. The final piece that had us sold, was the owner hanging around talking with locals and keeping the vibe super laid back. It had a family vibe, and he seemed to know everyone who passed by the restaurant by their first name. Bottom line, awesome casual vibes, with banging food.

Thank you NYC,






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