A Donut A Day..

Right where we live, in the beautiful city of Irvine, there is a small little donut spot that has some unique and tasty donuts. quick side note, leaving New York quite some years ago I had to give up some really good food like Pizza, Bagels, and breakfast sandwiches that can never fully be replicated out here. This bummed me out. With that said, California has proven to have a lot more to offer that I think makes up for that; one of which are the donuts. honestly, who doesn’t like donuts?!–thats a rhetorical question and this blog will not serve as an outlet for weirdos. Tasha and I have tasted a lot of donuts in our day, and this place is equal in quality to anything we have tasted, besides one other place (in a later post), but that does not negate the  quality of these puppies. img_7761

Lets start with this beauty–Maple Bacon. This combination is something that could never be a bad idea. Savory and sweet for me is like air and water, I can’t live without it, and this donuts gives me just that. Its simple, but oh so perfect. At this specific shop, I really liked how loaded it was, with finely chopped, crispy bacon. It was killer.img_7756

Next was this seasonally specific donut, caramel popcorn. This is another reason why I enjoyed the donut shop so much, they keep their menu ever changing and spice it up with seasonal items that are equally as good as they are pretty. I almost didn’t want to eat this, but obviously, its a donut, and it didn’t stand a chance. img_7767

The final donut we shared was the caramel apple. To avoid sounding redundant, Ill just simply tell you, it was delicious, and yes you should eat it. This one was slightly messy so maybe the only disclaimer is, don’t eat and drive with this. You don’t want to stain your new work outfit that you just bought to impress all of your friends.

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