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The other night Tasha and I got treated to one of the most lovely dining experiences. Chef Jonathan Blackford prepared an 8 course Spring tasting menu for an intimate group of bloggers and foodies. The night was such a blast–getting the opportunity to dine with some of the most well versed foodies in the game was a treat for us. We were just picking their brains all night, while sipping on delicious cocktails.

One of the first dishes of the night was an appetizer, Tomato + Burrata Bruschetta : Heirloom tomatoes, pesto, Burrata, shallots, basil, ciabatta–This was tasty as it was beautiful.

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Next was my favorite of the evening, Chef Blackfords version of KFC. He mentioned he loved KFC and fried food so he made Kentucky Fried Quail with foie gras gravy, truffle potato purée, spicy greens, pickled shallots.


Next was another crowd pleaser, as all the dishes were– this was  “Crispy Suckling Pig” made with Guajillo pepper purée, avocado salad, queso fresco, cilantro 🙂 🙂


Everything that came out was a complete delight, and the Chef was so informative on everything we would consume. He gave us the background, why he wanted to make it,and what he put into it. This will def be a place we come back to.

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