Who is FoodieOC?

Foodie OC; Which currently consists of Buddy and Tasha Clay.

Yes we are married, and yes we love food.

We are here to satisfy all your foodie needs the very best we can. Our aim to give you recipes to try at home, places to eat at all over the country, and our favorite hotels to get a little R&R. We will do all the searching and eating just for you! I know its a sacrifice to make, but someone needs to do it! My wife and I decided that we will step up to the plate. We will search high and low to find the tastiest food to save you time. We enjoy every style, taste, size, greasiness and sweetness of food, so no worries when it comes to variety, we will cover it all. Just follow our Instagram, and if you see something you love, come back here and find more details on it. Thank you, and enjoy.

-The Clays

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