Lets taco-bout something dear to my heart, Tacos. If there is something I have missed from California it has to be the abundance of exceptional tacos at my disposal. During one of our recent Travels to the Tampa area, we were walking around Hyde Park Village; an absolutely lovely little town near Downtown Tampa. We love this area for many reasons, one of which is how dog friendly it is. We hate separating from our adorable little pup Elliot and love any chance we can get to dine and hangout with him. So, Hyde Park in Tampa gets an A+ for being Dog friendly. Anyways, we walk past a place called bartaco, which looked beautiful and inviting and as luck would have it, we both were craving Tacos–yolo DSCF1681

Its a Wednesday afternoon so naturally its time to get this party started by ordering some drinks, which were as delicious as they were beautiful (My model tends to make the drinks look even sexier)DSCF1688

Then it was on to conquering the menu. Tapas style; offering about 12 different options for tacos we tried our best to get a little bit of everything. We came prepared to get our Taco fix for the next few weeks, being we never know when we’ll stumble upon worthy tacos again. The Ribeye, Fish and Carnitas were some of my favorites, Tasha enjoyed the Cauliflower and Portobello.DSCF1720DSCF1715

There is also a secret menu Taco, which blew our minds. First off, who doesn’t love a sneaky off menu item?! They offer a Fried Avocado taco!! All you have to do is research yelp and stalk some instagram accounts ( Foodie OC ) and you can uncover a whole slew of fun items at all sorts of restaurants. Look at these beauties. DSCF1716

From there we blacked out and ordered basically the rest of the menu. We knew we wouldn’t be back for a while, being we don’t live in Tampa, so we wanted to make the most of it, and embrace our FOMO. DSCF1727DSCF1708

We Do it for the Gram..



Just want to make sure this item was included, because the ceviche was worthy of praise. Its lovely, and oh so delicious.

bartaco, we love you, and you serve awesome food, drinks and have excellent service. Thanks for giving us a meal to remember, and we will be back soon.

Keep it real,

-Buddy Clay

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