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This past weekend my wife and I had the pleasure of getting some vip treatment at Bluewater Grill where we got to taste things that opened our eyes, and in some ways took us to a higher level of living. For starters, literally, we got raw scallops that scared the crap out of us. To be honest, we were scared but trusted our server when she said “you will love them” and it turns out they were sensational, I mean, just look at these beauties.IMG_3604

Everything we ate tasted like it was fresh from Icelandic seas, delicious, cold, and euphoric. Our next dish was their “award winning soup” and let me tell you if I was served literally pieces of trash on a plate all night, and then to finish the evening they brought out this soup, I would keep coming back, because it was that good. My wife Tasha got the clam chowder and I ate the lobster bisque.I couldn’t really decide which was better because we dominated both of them so quickly; I almost cried when it was done .IMG_3630

Besides the life altering soup, we both had exceptional  entrees and put down a few tasty cocktails. I can’t stress enough how amazingly fresh everything was here. Even our cocktails seemed like the mint in my mojito was picked right from the ground and muddled into my drank.IMG_3651

Overall, We had such a lovely experience here and can’t wait to go back with some friends and bother them with how much we enjoyed our last experience.




Cant forget about dessert….house-made mud-pie, that God himself may have touched before it was brought to our table 🙂

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-Keep it real, Cali

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