Cafe Rio

Yesterday I decided to take a drive down lovely 17th street in East Side Costa Mesa to see what places would tickle my food fancy 😉 Craving Mexican, I decided to stop by Cafe Rio to get the goods.IMG_3450

What I decided to order was some of their shredded chicken nachos to start things off, and my only complaint with these gorgeous nachos was that they gave me a scoop of guac that was suitable for a family of ants. Besides the minuscule portion of guac these nachos did me right, oh so satisfying .IMG_3449

Next up was my WET steak burrito, which I made sure had EXTRA guac on the innards, and Geez Louise was this something special. Drenched in green sauce and covered with cheese, I couldn’t be left unsatisfied. These types of places make me appreciate California much more, because although I could find some places like this in New York, it wasn’t nearly as available and consistently delicious. Cafe Rio, thank you, from the bottom of my bellyIMG_3448

-Buddy @FoodieOC

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