Casual Dinner For Two

Each week we are lucky enough to discover more and more delicious gems that are right in our neck of the woods. I was craving a burger the other night, so I went on yelp to search for places where I could get a decent one. To my absolutely pleasant surprise I saw a place 2 miles away with over 250 reviews and a near perfect reviews (4.5 stars) wow!! how have I never been here?! With that said, this was a literal no-brainer in terms of where we would go dine tonight. DSCF5155

With a beautiful and bright screen, displaying countless mouthwatering options, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to pick just one thing to eat, so we went a little crazy. I wanted a memorable burger, but two of their hotdogs also sounded great, so obviously I got them all. For my burger, I wanted to go big, and had to get something that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else–low and behold, I went for “The Business” . As the name implies, you really get the biz with this one–loaded–and let me say, loaded, with a beef burger, porchetta, bacon, pickled peppers and onions (absolutely love pickled anything), garlic, mushrooms and sweet chili aioli. Freaking game changer right there!DSCF5180


As for my weiners, which I never get sick of saying, I first went with the “D.T.L.A”  which was bacon wrapped, had crispy peppers, a lot of onion strings, mustard, ketchup and topped with some pickled jalapeños( Again, give me the pickled goodness). Second, I bit into “Guac On Fire Dog” which was a big red Weiner, fresh guacamole, pickled peppers and onions (like my burger) with cilantro lime and tortilla strips. Both of which rocked my socks–right off my feet–meaning, it was so dang good. (Just look at them!)DSCF5176.jpg

Tasha ended up going with an ahi tuna sandwich that I can’t speak too much about being I was so engulfed in my gluttony, but she tells me it was amazing. She loved it, and finished it all very fast—not nearly as quick as I inhaled all my meats, but fast. Besides the food, the service was impeccable. The manager was behind the counter working, doing it all–prepping food, getting drinks, and taking orders. He introduced himself and broke down the menu for us. He said we had to try the Brussels sprouts, and this single item changed his life. He sold us right away and said we had to add it to the mix, because at this point we were committed to having quite the dinning experience. For good measure we added some sweet potato fries, and onion rings, because why not. The manager checked in on us from time to time, and before leaving he gave us a sample of some ribs, that literally could be licked off of the bone, they were outrageously tender and delicious. I didn’t get to snag a visual, but trust me when I say they would be a must the next time around.

Overall our evening went way better than we thought, and are super excited to have found another burger spot that we can frequent, and possibly make our go to 🙂 Enjoy some more shots of our meal, and please do yourself a favor the next time you want a delicious burger or hotdog and check out “The Stand”DSCF5186DSCF5168DSCF5165DSCF5162

Keep it classy, Irvine,


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