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Downtown Knoxville, what a splendid place now that the weather is finally warming up. As many who follow this blog know, we are originally from Southern California so anything below 70 spooks us, let alone sub 20s. With that being said our first few months in Knoxville were really slackin’. Due to the weather we have been staying inside and not nearly doing as much exploring as we would’ve liked. However, the past week it warmed up and we have been getting out more, thus leading us to see more of what our new home has to offer. This week we headed towards Gay Street to check out a spot that has been killing the Knox Yelp game, and for all the right reasons. This place had it all; solid throwback music, rustic-hipster interior, and obviously it killed it on the food. Each item was put together by a modern day Michelangelo in the kitchen, as the food was just as artistic, as it was delicious.I was won over instantly by the filet mignon and knew that nothing else mattered to me at this point. Who doesn’t love a good filet?! This was cooked perfectly and laid on a bed of the most flavorful potatoes with some sawwccccce (merlot demi) to rub them in as I devoured every last drop

For me, that was the highlight, but don’t think for a second that everything else wasn’t outstanding. The grilled salmon was one of the best I have had. My personal preference is to have a super crispy outside, which this had and also lots of seasoning. The crab butter that accompanied the salmon was also next level. The salad, classic and delicious–Chicken Cherry Salad was the name and it was loaded with the proper proportions of all ingredients. My second favorite, coming behind the filet had to be the Pesto Chicken. The crispy chicken skin on top of the actual chicken was such an awesome touch of flavor! Crispy skin is always the best part of chicken wings, which happen to be a top 3 meal for me, so this pleased my soul. Along with the entrees we ordered some sides which included brussels, sweet potato fries and finished it off with the most amazing lemon cake with blueberry jam…good lord, this cake was sooooo dense! ( you can almost see the butter wanting to come out)

What a perfect lunch we devoured. I love discovering new restaurants, which happens to be all the restaurants in this area, and especially those that are good. I’m drawn to places that remind me of SoCal, and this one for sure had the vibes. They had a patio to eat at also, which we will for sure utilize, as many of you know our pup Elliot likes to join us when we go out 🙂

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