Drinking while pregnant?

Tasha and I obviously go out to eat and drink– a lot. She has always posed with a beautiful cocktail for pictures and blog posts, as we decided long ago she is the prettier one. (clearly shown below)DSCF0633DSCF5388 Since we have announced our pregnancy, we have still taken those pictures and share them on social media. Without fail, Tasha will get a DM about drinking while pregnant. (Even some hate messages) People will discuss what our thoughts are on having an occasional drink, like a glass of wine, or if she is actually pounding cocktails with no remorse. She would be the first one to tell you that she wishes these drinks were top shelf margaritas, or at this point maybe even a straight glass of whiskey, gin, or whatever she can get her paws on. For whatever odd reason, since pregnancy, the alcohol cravings have been crazy. It probably has something to do with human nature wanting what it can’t have, and seeing me enjoy an ice cold, top notch cocktail a few times a week adds to the cravings. (sorry but someone has to make that sacrifice) With all that said, we have learned that “Mock-tails” can actually be pretty amazing!

** To clarify, she doesn’t have wine, or any occasional drink for that matter, but we do have a very expensive bottle of wine waiting for us when this bun pops out of the oven this September** (Party at the hospital!!)

For the most part, a bartender can replicate any drink and make it virgin by simply not adding booze, and it comes out just as pretty and just as tasty as it would have with that shot of Tito’s in it.  Just like this beautiful pina colada that Tasha had in Hawaii last month.DSCF4514DSCF1688 But, we also found out that there are many fun recipes to make baby-friendly cocktails at home! I will share Tasha’s  favorites that we have discovered at restaurants and those we have created at home:

These aren’t in any specific order by any means, I’m just shooting off the top of the dome as they come to mind.

Mom-Mosa: This one is definitely a favorite because we brunch hard..and I mean haarrrdddd! So, it’s a necessary thing to have a mimosa or 8 while enjoying some flapjacks from your favorite breakfast spot. This one is super easy to replicate, and can go one or two ways. You can actually buy non-alcoholic champagne and mimic the drink exactly, or you can DIY it with some club soda, orange juice and frozen peaches, as Tasha likes to do. It can even look just as cute for a party, especially a baby shower 🙂

Taken from Pinterest

Next, we will get down with what I guess will be classified as some sort of Vodka Cranberry/Shirley temple? We recently attended two weddings in New York and as many know, weddings have an abundance of drank ( open bar ) So Tasha was instantly at the bar pounding these refreshing little delights, that I even snagged a few of. It consisted of Club Soda, Lime, a Splash of  Cranberry, and little drop of grenadine (not too sweet). Placebo affect happened at the first wedding with this one, because after 4-5 of these puppies Tasha turned into Jennifer Grey on the dance floor looking at me like I was her Patrick Swayzwe.

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For our last mom-friendly cocktail you need to be slightly ambitious, as it requires more prep, and some bartending skills. This is the peach Bellini. The perfect poolside drink for those warm summer days. Why do we love this drink, besides the refreshing taste, and delicious peach flavors? Because we always prepare it in a nice champagne glass which turns heads. Its not turning heads because of how pretty it looks, but because so many people are quick to judge, and give you those condemning eyes like “you will be such a terrible mother, and are already poisoning your baby with booze!”. With that said, we have a fun pro tip for this one: when Sandra, who is poolside hovering over her 13 yr old son in swimmies looks at you with those judging eyes, continue to stare her down, don’t break eye contact and chug that bellini as fast as you can. She will almost immediately topple into the pool from the shock of your lack of morals, and you will love every moment because you are still a great mother who drinks virgin cocktails. Here is what you need in order to make this lovely and refreshing mock-tail; apple juice, peach juice, lemon juice, Agave nectar, Sparkling water, Apple slice for garnish. belini

There you have it! Those were some of our favorites, and hope you enjoyed the list.  If you feel inclined to try and make any of these, let us know your thoughts in the comment section, or send us a DM on instagram.

Stay classy all you mothers out there,

-Buddy; the best bartending husband and soon to be father.

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