Earl’s Kitchen + Bar

One of the more pleasant surprises we have had while dining came from this place. I am often skeptical when it comes to ordering specific ethnic foods from a restaurant that serves all sorts of meals. Usually when I see Sushi or Asian food on a predominantly American menu, it’s more than likely going to be subpar. I’ll traditionally stick to the culture of the restaurant when ordering. But, we decided to heed the yelp reviews and trust other people’s opinions by ordering the sushi from what looked like a traditionally American menu, and boy were we happy!

Among the slew of other entrees and appetizers we ordered, this was by far our favorite. It was honestly some of the freshest, and tastiest sushi we have had! ( and we are native Californians!) We wanted to order more of this delight, but we messed up and got far too much food for our bellies. I mean, check out this lovely spread

Everything was quite literally flawless. The wings were crisped to perfection and I’m such a sucker for crispy wings so this was heavenly. The smell of all the food alone was torturing us, and we hated the fact that we wanted to blog about it, because that meant we had to take pictures and work them angles before we could actually do what we are supposed to do at a restaurant,which is eat! The struggle of being a foodie…

I don’t want to sound too redundant, but everything was amazing, I’ll let the pictures do the talking for the rest of the food, like this burger I ordered which was just as delicious as it was massive.

Besides the food, this place was gorgeous with a wide open floor plan and beautiful decor. It had a lovely outdoor seating area that is dog friendly which is always a plus in our eyes, as we mentioned in our previous post 🙂 They have tons of locations all across the U.S and more locations in Canada (where they originated) all of which serve delicious food (from what we heard from our server that worked previously at another location) Put this on your list of must eats!

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