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Summer is in full affect, and Five Crowns did not hesitate at all when it came to kicking off their summer menu. We had the privilege of tasting a few (or a bunch) of their newest menu items and even some off-menu items. but, before we get into the food, I want to set the record straight that 5 Crowns may have our favorite dinning area. Their outdoor eating, which has been remodeled recently, is absolutely beautiful! It has a cozy, yet upscale vibe to it that makes us feel good every time we dine there.DSCF2956DSCF2950

They also remodeled their bar in that area, so if you just want to go out for drinks and sit by the fire, this should be your spot.

Now, to the good stuff. We started off with some tuna tartare, that was platted on house made rice cakes that we could’ve snacked on all night and been completely content. I am generally a sucker for poke, which explains why this tickled my fancy so much.DSCF2979

Next up we got to enjoy a beautiful and delicious array of cheeses—with that said I need to briefly explain a little something something about the cheese. Throughout the summer SideDoor, which is the adjacent bar at 5 Crowns, will be serving curated charcuterie plates which will be highlighting different cheeses that will all satisfy your tastebuds. We also had their summer salad come out with the cheese for the ultimate tag team. The salad we adored, mainly due to a burrata kick Tasha and I are currently on. The salad was Burrata and Peach–it was light, and delicious. Perfect balance of flavors.

After that, the main dishes made their way out. We enjoyed the most tender pork I have ever tried, I could literally cut it with my fork. Seared Ahi Tuna, that was equally as beautiful as it was tasty (check our the flowers sprinkled on top). Roasted Jidori Chicken that came with outstanding roasted duck fat potatoes,  that were super crispy and yummy.  And lastly, my favorite dish of the night (hence it made the cover photo) the perfectly cooked porterhouse steak with bone marrow. This was actually my first time trying bone marrow, no specific reason why I haven’t tried it, I just haven’t done so–but it was everything and more than I dreamed it would be. I want to say it was basically meat butter, which makes me happy. Take a gander and see for yourself

WHAT. A. NIGHT. We enjoyed amazing food, accompanied by amazing people, there was nothing more we could’ve asked for. Make sure you find your way down to Corona Del Mar and have a beautiful evening out at one of our favorite restaurants.DSCF3045

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