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Whats better than taking a food tour?! I mean, you get to try all sorts of food, PLUS, depending on who does your tour, there is a good chance you will burn calories when walking around town. Who doesn’t like to justify eating like a glutton?! Needless to say, when we saw there was a company who did food tours nearby where we were staying in Florida, we made it a point to book a lunch trip ASAP.

Visiting Florida in February is perfect for a food tour, because more than likely there will be perfect weather, which was exactly what we got. DSCF1265

The Winter Gardens food tour was perfect in all aspects. The weather, location, tour guides, price and obviously the food. We were greeted by the hosts, another married couple who were pursing a career for their love of food, and their home town. They had extensive knowledge on the history and presented it in such an interesting way. I loved hearing about how much the town has transformed just over the last few years, and seeing some historical pictures they keep on their  iPad. We had the opportunity to taste food and snacks from way more location than I thought we would, ranging anywhere from the tastiest Olive Oil and Vinegar shop, to a Tea Room inside of an awesome Food Hall. Each stop was just as tasty as the other. We were able to get such a wide range of foods, and again, a surprising portion size at each spot. I didn’t expect to leave full, but I was basically stuffed to capacity. To give an idea I will list some of the food we tried, most of which were full portions; Ribs, Cuban Sandwich, Popcorn, Gelato (w/ lemon Olive Oil) Nachos, Tea, Macarons, Mini Donuts, and some Chocolate. Yeah, a lot of yumminess.

I can’t stress enough about how pleasant this whole tour was. It was an intimate group that was led to by two awesome people, showing us their awesome town and feeding us with awesome food. We will for sure stop by that area next time we visit Florida, and this time bring our friends and family along for the fun.

Stay Classy,

-Buddy Clay

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