Foodie Paradise at Dollywood

When you think about Amusement Parks, what comes to your mind—Roller Coasters? Magic? Long Lines? What about amazing food? Well, after visiting Dollywood, we will certainly associate this park, with amazing food! Living in California for 7 years, and being pass holders at Disneyland we thought we knew what good amusement park food and drinks were–but boy were we wrong! Don’t get me wrong, we love Disney chimichangas, and corndogs and there is certainly a ton of magical food options there, but Dollywood takes it to another level! After doing some research, we learned that this wasn’t even just our opinion, but Dollywood takes home awards every year for best theme park food!

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Throughout the year they host a few special events like the Flower and Food Festival, or our favorite from last year, the Barbecue and Bluegrass festival which was loaded with flavorful, savory dishes like these loaded pork fries! The other thing that really stood out to us was the prices. Like we mentioned, living around the corner from Disney we had to be mindful of our budget, as eating at the park a few times per week would really put some strain on our bank account. However, at Dollywood, their portions and prices are not priced through the roof like other theme parks. It’s easy to get a meal like those Fries pictured above and share them along with another entree and really get quite full–while spending less than $20.

The fun thing about the Food Festivals they host throughout the year is that you typically will get sample cards, so you can go to 5+ places throughout the park and get smaller sizes of their entrees and find something you love. This is great for those who get FOMO like us, as we want to try everything and regret missing out. This process is usually quite simple too, you get a lanyard with a card attached to it, and when you go to get the food they will just scan your card and subtract one tasting, and then give you your food! No need to worry about holding onto tickets or vouchers, and then if your anything like us, at the end of the day you can keep your lovely lanyard as a souvenir πŸ™‚

We can really go on and on about our experiences from visiting Dollywood, but we think you be best suited to just visit and follow your stomachs. We do promise that you won’t be disappointed, and you for sure won’t leave the park hungry–thats been our experience. We can’t wait to go back again soon, and share some of our favorites with you. but until then, just enjoy some of these pictures, and try not drool on your screen πŸ˜‰

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