Grinderz….with a ‘Z’

You want burgers? I got your burgers right here!! I honestly don’t need to write a word about how great these burgers are, because if the pictures don’t sell you, i don’t know what will. Ryan, the owner of Grinderz told us that a couple came in to order food from what they saw on Instagram and told him “this was the first time that I have ever ate something that was better than the pictures” and I think that it is the ultimate testament to a restaurant.  img_4763You would have to be blind to not know how often we eat here. I probably post a picture once a week, and anytime I have friends visit from out of the state, this is one of our first stops. The vibes are awesome, the owner is the coolest and I love the fact that they will literally build whatever type of burger you want, depending on how much you want to spend. Everything is completely customizable, and I mean to every detail. I usually like to go in and say ” surprise me” and then I get something that looks like the burger pictured above.

But, their biggest claim to fame is what they call “Pigsty” style. This would be their take on the oh so famous ‘animal style’ at another burger place some of you may frequent. Pigsty is a game changer to say the least, if you decide to go in, make sure to order pigsty fries. If you do this, you will get a heaping portion of fries, covered with cheese, avocado, onions and bacon. It is all you need in life. just see for yourself


OK, now that you know…go

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