Hawaii Adventure

As many know, Tasha and I are having our first child in September. God has given us the most exciting opportunity to raise a baby girl, and to get to love the absolute crap out of that little girl. Also, it’s my 30th birthday at the end of the month so we figured why not do the month of April in style! Tasha is recently in her 2nd trimester and starting to feel like her FoodieOC self again; willing and able to devour food with me. It has been a difficult past 2 months that included lots of nausea and even more boring meals. Our food life had been seriously slacking, hence the excitement over the idea of taking a vacation/babymoon/Birthday trip!! After some brief planning, we decided let’s go back to Hawaii (where we had our Honeymoon) and check out the Island of Oahu which I’ve never been to. 6 days in paradise to make up for the first trimester and eat everything in sight! Our first stop was conveniently located across the street from our beautiful hotel at a place called “Tikis Grill and Bar” which has one of the best views during sunset <3

But rewind about 45 minutes before the sunset and let’s dive into the food. I’ll paint a quick picture, literally because I’ll insert the visual of what went down, and then break it down in smaller bites aka details of what we consumed.

You feeling this yet? I’m talking fresh seafood and drank! A spread worthy of a couple who are both eating for two, which we both get to do because hey, equality means both of us are gaining that baby weight.

We started with, well everything because we always ask to bring it out together because the camera eats first, and God knows we don’t like waiting to eat so this is the best way to take pictures and eat as quickly as possible 🙂 But, if we are being technical, we started with crab dip and coconut crusted shrimp, which were straight killers.

After we decided which “starters” to go with, we picked out some entrees that sounded good, and something we both agreed on. We went with Thai Style Shrimp Puttanesca and Lamb Shank with Shrimp Gnocchi…sweet baby Jesus did we make the right choice. The lamb shank was so tender it literally fell of the bone as it was braised in red wine. One of the best tasting, and cooked pieces of lamb we have ever had. The Puttanesca was just as delicious although my favorite was the lamb. Tasha loved the shrimp dish. It had a spicy tomato sauce and was full of flavor. I’ll add the description right from the menu so you have a better idea. “Seared large shrimp tossed in garlic & butter. Served with spicy Thai style tomato sauce, spinach & al dente linguine. San Marzano tomatoes, capers, Thai chilies, Kalamata olives & a touch of red curry flavor this pungent sauce” boom.

A picture perfect meal, with a view that was straight out of a magazine. We couldn’t have planned a better meal for our first day in this Hawaiian paradise. Her smile says it all, happiness, pure happiness. ( as typical tourists we had to purchase these amazing souvenir cups for the cocktails we ordered 🙂

We can’t wait to share some more of our trip,

Until next time,





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