Hawaii, Cont.

We were lucky enough to stay at a hotel that was basically as close as you can get to the beach without actually sleeping on the sand in your own sleeping bag. This also came with fantastic views of the oh so breathtaking Hawaii sunsets. One of the many restaurants located at our Hotel was the Moana Terrace which is a poolside bar/restaurant. As mentioned, its located outside, on the hotel balcony next to the pool, but overlooking the beach— here was our view 🙂DSCF4513

Nothing fancy at all about the actual dining area, it’s what you would expect from being a poolside spot, but you can’t beat that view.

The menu wasn’t large, and they cater mainly towards drinking, and relaxing. There was a lot of seating (self seating), on comfy pool style couches/chairs and there was a stage that had some live music; the vibes were quite enjoyable. We ordered some drinks, nachos and shared an entree. Tasha ordered an absolutely beautiful virgin pina colada inside of a pineapple (she actually didn’t realize they served the pineapple, until we saw another guest showing theirs off) and I went with a mai tai, because when in Rome…

Both dranks were great! I was pleasantly surprised that my Mai Tai was strong, because in my experience hotel drinks aren’t usually generous with their booze. Tasha felt elated with the taste of her pina colada, as she’s been craving adult beverages since being pregnant, and this virgin colada satisfied that craving (for the moment).

The food came shortly after the drinks and again, I was surprised with the quality of my nachos. They were actually quite loaded, and each chip had some goodness on it, loaded with tons of chili. On the other hand, the veggie burger was pretty pathetic 🙁 Honestly, we weren’t expecting anything special, being it wasn’t a house-made patty (and a poolside restaurant), but the burger itself came out soggy, and even the french fries weren’t as crispy as we would like. It wasn’t the end of the world, as expectations going in were low for food, and it for sure didn’t kill our vibe. We still had that view, tasty drinks and an awesome band playing music in the background.

Would we come back for dinner? Probably not, BUT we would come back for drinks and that view without any question. It was even more enjoyable because we only had to take an elevator a few floors from our room to get there. Marriott Waikiki, you continue to impress us.

Stay Classy Oahu,




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