Hotel Madison

Like most people out there, we love staying in hotels. From the room service to housekeeping and everything in between, we love it. Its always fun seeing what each room has to offer and to have a cozy place to stay while visiting a new city. This past month we had the opportunity to experience something for the first time while staying at a hotel, and something 99.99% of hotel visitors will never get to experience–sleeping in a room as the very first guest! We spent the night at Hotel Madison the night before their grand opening, and had the privilege of getting the first snooze in our pristine room. It was also the first time we entered a hotel that still had that “new hotel” smell, with fresh carpets and paint. The main lobby where we entered was wide open and beautiful, with modern light fixtures and  decor.  It was a perfect spot to relax and enjoy a late night cocktail or an early morning coffee (or cocktail, judge free zone) while reading your favorite news publication or social media feed.DSCF5109.jpg


Upon checking in we headed towards our room, which again, had that amazing new hotel smell that soothed our soul. We loved how wide the hallways were, especially compared to a NYC hotel that we had just stayed in that barely fit two people shoulder to shoulder. Our room was a double queen room; which I feel I need to explain because Tasha and I don’t sleep in separate beds, we share a bed and love each other very much. (Not to say people who sleep in separate beds don’t love each other…to each his own) But, this was the room we were offered to stay in as all other rooms were booked from their grand opening the next day.DSCF5102DSCF5103

Everything about our room was perfect, except for the ever so slightly uneven lampshade that probably would only bother a fellow OCD brother like myself. The details were beautiful and had a very modern feel, all of which made the room feel extra clean and new apart from the actual newness of it. We loved the artwork and history included in each piece; being in Harrisonburg Virginia it was cool that they kept  true to their roots. We also loved the details and how perfectly placed everything was (OCD Plus)  🙂

Obviously our room was beautiful, but we were just as impressed with our view. We fell in love with this town that was appropriately named the “Friendly City” which made sense after we had a suspicious amount of pleasant interactions with locals.  Just look how quaint and perfect this town was! I was so sad that I hadn’t packed my drone, as the footage from this town would’ve been perfect.DSCF5106


There were things that needed touch ups, and some areas were still under construction but we are very excited come back and visit once everything is complete. We heard fantastic things about the chef in charge, and we were bummed that we were a day early for getting to taste his food. Next time around we will cover the food and be sure to give an updated review of our room and everything that goes along with it. Overall, everything was amazing, and it was one of the most pleasant hotel stays we have had to date. They set the bar high for us, granted we were spoiled with an empty hotel and a brand-new room.

Thank you, Friendly City!





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