Billiards and Burgers

We recently stumbled across a pool-hall that was one of a kind for us. When we think pool-hall, we automatically think about a dark bar that is filled with cigarette smoke, testosterone and egos. Im pretty sure thats the standard when it comes to playing pool. Well, this was not the case over at Cool Cats Billiards in Knoxville. What a pleasant surprise when we walked into a spotless, well lit pool-hall that had a wonderful and wide open layout. The owner told us that the space use to be a goodwill, and as you can imagine, it was massive!DSCF5986


As you can see, this is not your average pool-hall, its wide open, bright and smoke free! The aim here is have more families come in, bring their kids and start teaching them how to play pool. Besides the massive space, they offer a fully loaded menu to order from, all prepared by a highly praised and well known Chef. The menu consisted of appetizers, sandwiches, burgers and salads. In standard FoodieOC fashion, we smashed more than we should’ve, but everything sounded so appealing at the moment. CoolCatBilliards_Hero_2880x2304

The owner talked so highly of their nachos, and went as far to say that he actually doesn’t like nachos at all, but for some reason, these are something he orders constantly and can’t get enough of. Loaded with pulled park and amazing white queso, we understood why he couldn’t get enough of these, they were perfect. Each bite gave us something, and there weren’t any naked chips. (well maybe one or two, but thats still pretty good)Nachos

We then proceeded to share three entrees and ordered the caesar salad, because we clearly are  very healthy and need to get our greens in. Salad.gif

As far as the entrees go, we went with their most popular burgers and got a classic BLT. One of the burgers, named the Cat Daddy, was an absolute monster! We are known for smashing burgers all throughout the country, this was for sure one of the thicccer ones, and proved to be quite the adversary. burger


What we loved about the other burger which was named “Take 5” , was that it had these amazing thick cut pieces of candied bacon on them. If we could’ve, we would’ve probably ordered a plate of those magical pieces of bacon, and then maybe a few more for the road. They were that good! As if the candied bacon wasn’t enough , it also came topped with muenster cheese that was melted down, and dripping off the burger in such a sexy way that you couldn’t deny it.CoolCatBilliards_Take5SignatureBurger_2880x2304

The BLT and salad were nice, nothing special and were probably just as you would expect them. Overall the food was impressive, especially for a pool-hall. The menu was a pleasant surprise, and next time we will make sure to play some pool and order a few beers. SaladBLT

If you are anything like Tasha and I, and don’t like being around cigarette smoke filled rooms, but enjoy playing pool, this is the place for you. And if you don’t like playing pool, you can have fun with darts, or just watch others play while you enjoy a solid meal. Its basically a win win situation for all parties attending.

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