L.A. Brunch

This past weekend Tasha and I decided to venture outside of our safe, cozy Orange County Bubble and check out the scary, far away work of Los Angeles. It was a rainy Sunday morning and we both were ready to dominate brunch. Driving to our destination ( KTCHNDTLA/RESIDENTDTLA) things seemed weird. It was a very industrial and in some areas, run down with old  buildings and graffiti. BUT, to our pleasant surprise we made our final turn and ended up driving down what seemed to be a hipster commune. PHEW! It was nice to be around our people and very excited for brunch.img_1091

Started out with this beautiful drink which caught my attention, it was called the ‘electric Buzz’ and consisted of coffee infused whiskey, lemon and prosecco–absolutely delicious. It was served to me from a man named Hawk, which seemed appropriate being in the Hipsterville. He was super friendly and began to give me his food recommendations. So after asking him about his personal favorites I walked across to the food truck– sidenote, both the bar and restaurant were in separate trucks tucked away in an outdoor seating area with fireplaces and greenery, which was awesome (dog friendly <3 ) I told the chef at the window to give us everything he thought was beautiful and delicious at the same time and this is what came out first. fullsizerender-5

These fritters were almost too beautiful to eat—but obviously we destroyed them, only the flowers remained when we finished. fullsizerender-7

our next starter we had were these super crispy and delicious potatoes. These were next level due to the perfect crisp, and zero pieces being burnt. They were perfect. PERFECT!!

To finish up, Tasha got the brussels sprout hash pictured on the right and devoured the habanero scramble on the left. I was nervous about the spice in mine but it was perfect, and not spicy at all. Loaded with crispy onions, and goat cheese, I never wanted this meal to end. Tasha’s was equally as delicious and her spouts were the perfect crispiness. Our visit couldn’t have gone better, except next time we will bring our pooch, since its a comfy outdoor eatery, and our little fur baby would love picking up our scraps as we stuff our faces.


Website: http://www.residentdtla.com

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