Beer and Pretzels.

What a combo! To me, there isn’t anything quite as tasty as a warm pretzel, but add a massive vat of beer-cheese to the mix, a tall glass of beer and some traditional german food and you have the perfect combination. Last month we found a spot that claimed to have the largest outdoor heated patio in all of Manhattan. We decided we would challenge the claim and see what ‘Loreley‘ was working with. Cheers!giphy Beer

They had a large patio, and it was indeed heated. However, we have to trust they weren’t liars as it would be impossible to check all of the restaurants with outdoor seating in the City. We went during an awkward time to beat the Manhattan rush, and we were the first two people seated outside. (I think it was around 3:00pm on a Wednesday) Our server was hilarious, he was for sure the highlight from this dining experience. We couldn’t figure out where he was from and his accent continued to change throughout our meal-each time he came back to our table he was from another country. Besides the impeccable and authentic accents, what made him a great server was the awesome suggestions and that he kept my beer glass full, thank you Nick! (pictured below)Beer

Lets get to the food.

This was one of the rare times Tasha and I actually ordered a normal sized meal. By normal I mean we didn’t order enough to feed a family of 12, we only had 2 entrees, an appetizer and a beer. It felt weird, awkward, and made us uncomfortable leaving so many things on the menu untouched. The reason being,  we had the next day, and I really needed to fit in my suit that was becoming increasingly tight with each meal I ate.  Here is the garden

The main thang we came for were the pretzels, we have seen these on instagram and knew it was necessary piece of sustenance that we needed in our lives. It came with a skillet of cheese sauce that was absolutely perfect. They nailed the proportions, as the tendency when receiving cheese sawwce is to barely have enough for a bite or two, but this cheese tub supplied more than enough for 3 large pretzels. Standing ovation to a restaurant that gets it.



We gave Nick, our server, complete control and recommended some outstanding schnitzel dishes; one of which was like a mac and cheese and the other was the Sauerbraten Sandwich which consisted of marinated beef Sauerbraten, smothered in our sauce & braised red cabbage; and came to the table warm and toasty. DSCF5012

Towards the end of our meal, people starting pouring in and the patio was filling up. Beer was flowing and this beer garden proved it truly was a popular spot for the Manhattan folks to grab delicious food, and cold beers after work. The vibes were strong here, and everything was perfect in our eyes. Food, drinks, and service.

We don’t ask for a lot when we dine out, we just have a few expectations, and when those are met, we are happy and satisfied customers. We will for sure return to this spot, bring our friends to make an evening of it and party like its 2018.

.giphy Dance.gif

Until next time Manhattan,





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