Lets get to the point–I love a good margarita. Its probably my favorite drink of all time. Bold statement? Perhaps. But, its true nevertheless. Offer me a Jalapeño margarita 10 times, and you guessed it, I’m smashing that 10 times. Whether its classic, Jalapeño, pomegranate (which is my second favorite) or an actual Margaritaville, you can count me in! Which brings me to the point of this post….

Last month I had the absolute pleasure of staying at one of the nicest hotels that I have ever personally stayed at. It came as a complete shock, to be honest, because it was in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, and its mostly cabins up there. But I swear, this small town continues to impress and amaze me. We have traveled here a few times to see family, and each time we end up seeing, or doing something that leaves us completely blown away. The Smoky Mountains are reason enough take the visit because they are absolutely breathtaking. We have also been to Dollywood which turns out to be the best amusement park ever. Yes, I said the best–meaning its better than Disney, and any of your other favorites. I know thats an offensive statement, but go ahead and visit Dollywood one day and you will see what I mean. But enough of Pigeon Forge, let me show you why this hotel was so wonderful.


This was the view from my room. It was insane, pictures don’t fully do it justice, but I think you get the point. The mountains and beautiful landscape give me reason to come back next time Im in TN. I had a balcony to sit out on and stare at the Smokys, and also they had a super cool fountain show that went off every hour (I believe). One of the many things made me adore this place was how new everything was. It was placed smack-dab in the center of a fun little shopping city. It had restaurants, games, that spectacular ferris wheel and a whole slew of other fun things to do. Once you parked your car, there was no reason to drive anywhere. I believe the whole place was built only a few years ago, and it still had that real nice fresh feel to it.


The rooms were massive and so clean! I loved that they had hard floors, not carpet, because to me those just feel a lot cleaner. The decor was perfect and not even remotely tacky, which was honestly an expectation of mine. As you may have imagined, each room had its own Margaritaville frozen margarita maker in it. It was perfect. As soon as I settled into the room, I kicked off my shoes, made a margarita (with moonshine–which was a first) and sat on the balcony watching the fountain/light showDSCF8020

The next day I woke up, walked downstairs and lounged in their lobby while I figured out where to grab coffee. I may sound like a broken record, but it was absolutely lovely down there as well. The decor was trendy, and comfortable and the couches in the lobby were perfect for enjoying a morning cup of coffee. Speaking of the coffee, I didn’t have to search far, because attached to the lobby was a cafe that served pastries and all sorts of coffee/tea options. I followed my nose, grabbed a chai tea latte, and sat back down to “Chill” and take in the morning.


After I got my morning bearings, I headed out to the pool, and decided to check out the amenities. Upon stepping on to the pool deck I was greeted with an absolute stunning view, and perfect weather to accompany it.DSCF8029As you can see, it was perfection. A casual 75 degrees, with a gentle breeze. Since I was on vacation, and already consumed my caffeine, the next logical move was to grab a pina colada, and take in the perfect weather.  They had a fully stocked bar on the pool deck, and the bartender himself was an awesome human. Not many people made it to the pool deck yet, which was fine for me, as I was able to soak in some rays, and have the space to myself.

I dried off, headed back to the room, packed my things, and headed off to a wedding. It was a short but extremely sweet visit to Pigeon Forge, and when I  find myself back that way, I will for sure choose this hotel again. Everything about it was perfect, including the price point. Staying here for the night won’t break the bank, and you will get way more than you paid for.

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