Dinner and a Movie

As movie theaters continue to get fancier, we continue to get happier. Let me start by acknowledging what suckers we are when it comes to watching movies in complete luxury. Ever since the first time we experienced one of those leather recliner chairs at a theater, there was no turning back. When we heard the news that The Lot was open over at Fashion Island, we got overwhelmed with joy.


As the press releases’ have shared, this new theater would be taking luxury movie going to the next level, and truly raising the bar. They weren’t wrong in the slightest sense. Walking into the theater/restaurant you would be blown away if you had any idea what it looked like before the remodel and new ownership, the space was completely transformed and improved. The main dining area is a wide open,  airy and with indoor/outdoor seating. There is a fully equipped bar and amazing staff. We couldn’t believe that all the food and drinks we saw on their menu would be offered inside the actual movie theater as well. DSCF5486DSCF5490

We got there about an hour before showtime, because we wanted to have dinner in the restaurant area, and make a nice date night of the situation. (And how gorgeous was my date?! Boy, did I get lucky)DSCF5487

We were torn, because we didn’t know if we wanted to be seated outside or inside as both areas were equally as lovely. Our deciding factor was Tasha being a little Chilly Williams, and the inside had less breeze. We ordered ourselves some boneless wings, truffle fries, salad with salmon and a massive burger. Everything we ordered was tasty, and you wouldn’t expect any of these options to be available for your typical movie experience. The only item that needed some work as far as aesthetics were the boneless wings. These looked like your typical movie theater grub, but the flavors stayed consistent with the high-end dining, with tasty buffalo sawwce on them. Besides the basic looking wings, everything else was gorgeous and delicious. DSCF5499DSCF5505DSCF5503

My burger was seriously massive. I loved every messy bite of it, and those onion rings were everything I needed at the moment. One of the beautiful things about eating inside the restaurant and not ordering food directly to our seats, was that we wouldn’t be wasting leftovers as we brought them with us. Who doesn’t love a mid-movie snack? Also, it felt pretty great walking into the theater with a cocktail  Shmit


However, we could’ve just ordered new munchies and drank as they had servers working tirelessly throughout the movie to bring customers their cocktails and food. We were slightly nervous about how this would play out, by offering a full menu I thought it could be very distracting. This wasn’t the case at all.  Because of how the theater was set up, and how efficient these ninja servers were, I hardly noticed anything. It could have been large in part to Ryan Reynolds completely slaying me all throughout Deadpool 2, but I would like to think these highly trained servers were just doing an awesome job.

Awesome food, amazing movie, and impeccable service. We will for sure make this a regular spot for date night, as we love to eat, drink and watch movies.

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