Why is that the title one might ask, and an answer would sound something like this–Its my blog and I can do what I want. But seriously, its a french term that means ‘Simplicity’ or for me to have a desire to live for simpler things, and thats how I felt about these absolutely amazing little nuggets of delight. Simple and Sweet.

Tasha and I met up with a wonderful married couple at a Starbucks to have them deliver us traditional French pastries which are called caneles. We loved this product for many reasons, one of which was the story on how they came to life. The couple we met, which consisted of Stephanie and Christoph (which I probably spelled wrong), started this as a dream, and pursued it full force. They told us their story and it was filled with passion for what they were doing, based rich in their culture (They are french, duh) and having the desire to do something original since Caneles are extremely rare, unless you happened to be in the french countryside, which you’re not. They were pleasant people, informative, easy to talk to and overall we had a great time sipping coffee and learning about what they do.

Now, on to the goods…


This is what they look like. Cool, huh? Bite sized in our opinion, but they also offer a smaller version which they claim is even more bitesized. It consists of a crunchy caramelized shell and had a delicate custard center. This product definitely requires skills in the kitchen to bake, and let me tell you they nailed it. The shell was so good! And then the inside sealed the deal by  knocking this pastry completely out of the park.  We enjoyed it with coffee, and it was perfect. The Caneles weren’t overly sweet at all, but oh so perfect with coffee. I am not sure how its traditionally consumed, but we liked our method and we plan to stick with it. These get an A+ and even more reason to eat them is to support a young married couple who is pursuing their dreams and starting up a company that is near and dear to their hearts. Also, kudos to Starbucks for nailing it with the cups this year 🙂


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-Have the best day!

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