Pizza Napoletana

Today I was able to knock something off my bucket list, that some might say should not be on it, or that it is too easy– which is breakfast pizza. Im talking “Breakfast Pizza”, not the pizza I microwave the night after drinking and plop a few fried eggs on it, but real, authentic Italian breakfast style pizza. fullsizerender-90

This beauty pictured above was everything I had imagined it to be. Again, Im sorry for being slow to try something like this, I also don’t know why it took so long, but whatever, it did so lets move on. We went to this place and it was pleasantly upscale– for whatever reason Tasha and I thought it would be a normal looking pizzeria, but no. We entered into a beautiful wide open floor plan, brightly lit with gorgeous decor and a huge wine rack that covered basically the whole back of the restaurant. Inside you can see the huge brick ovens with flames coming out where they cook all of their delicious pizzas. The smells inside of here were outstanding and reminded me of being in back in New York where I believe you can find the closet version of Italian pizza. Since it was brunch we naturally started off with a mimosa and some coffee.

This put us right in the mood to get down with some good eats. We had already looked at the menu prior to getting there, as any normal hungry couple does when heading out to eat. So we wasted no time with putting our order in soon as the waitress came to our table. We got the pizza (obviously)  and also some scallops. More specifically, ‘ Capesante Su Carpaccio Di Mango Aria Di Lime E Pepperoncino’ got that? The food was so good we came out speaking fluent Italian, who woulda thunks 😉

For those who haven’t miraculously learned Italian, that was the scallops with a mango carpaccio. The breakfast pizza didn’t have quite the eloquent  title, simply ‘breakfast pizza’ but it didn’t negate the flavors. It had egg on it for those who aren’t reading this with their eyes, and Guanciale which we were told is basically the better version of normal bacon, we would agree.

At this point we were tapped out, but knew we had one more thing to order. Dessert. I don’t always agree with saying “there is always room for dessert” but today it somehow applied. This may have been our favorite dish  from this visit, or at least tied with scallops, pizza, mimosas and coffee. Nutella, Bananas, strawberries, and a scoop of delicious vanilla bean ice-cream. Check it out my friends.fullsizerender-87

Beautiful in all aspects. This is a must for all. Service was top notch, food was defiantly top notch  and the overall feel of the restaurant will keep you coming back in the future.



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