Preview of The Boysenberry Festival

Sooooooooooo, yesterday my wife and I got invited to taste the menu for the upcoming Boysenberry Festival at Knotts Berry Farm, and oh boy…

Upon our arrival we can smell all the goodness being dished out and prepared. Going into the event  I already  had my heart set on devouring one thing in particular, the “Fun Bun” . This was a cinnamon bun that was deep fried in funnel cake batter and topped with some boysenberry sauce. It did not disappoint.IMG_3527

After we took down that bun, we made our rounds and basically just loaded up on everything from fried alligator bites, to deep fried cheese cake on a stick. The best part I think of it all was the wine pairing with every dish. For each dish they offered 3-5 different wines to try with it, which was music to our ears as we both are winos, but back to the food…I must say that the alligator was way less harsh than I anticipated, but I’m sure it was due to the fact that it was deep fried to perfection.IMG_3537

And lets not forget about that gorgeous piece of heaven that was found in deep fried cheese cake! (not everything was deep fried, but I thought those were the prettiest )IMG_3535

I think that if you love tasty food, and are looking for a fun date night, definitely stop by the festival that is starting next week–it was oh so yummy and colorful and….yummy againIMG_3536

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