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DSCF5063If there is one cliche we can fully embrace about being millennial’s, is the fact that we obsess over brunch. When we wake up for work on Monday, there is only one thought that helps us get through the day, and thats the idea of having brunch again in 5 or 6 days. There is something about enjoying a heavy, and delicious breakfast accompanied by bottomless mimosas or a plethora of tasty cocktails. This past weekend we had the pleasure of experiencing what we think will be Socal’s best new brunch. Fountain Valley’s own Recess Room will kick off a new brunch menu this upcoming weekend, and its nothing short of perfection. Food and drinks that are just as beautiful as they are delicious. You can get the idea from the featured image, which was called the “Jolly Rancher”. Its made to share—or take down by yourself, I mean it is Sunday Brunch. Its amazing, we always have heard that calories don’t count on Sunday’s and we found this weekend miracle to be true! Eat/drink as much as you want and only feel positive affects Like the happiness seen below and at everyones tables 🙂DSCF5141DSCF5131

Tell me all of those colors and drinks don’t scream brunch happiness?! There was not one item on the menu ( food and drinks included) that didn’t taste outstanding. The detail that was put into each item won’t be matched by any other brunch in the area, and I challenge anyone to that statement. We literally struggled for a few seconds to eat each dish when we saw how gorgeous it looked, it was like art on a plate or in a cup–but we then quickly came to our senses and devoured it all.



Gaze at each of these items, drool, and then join us next week, back at Recess Room for their brunch kick off


See what we mean? Outrageously beautiful, with flavors that exceed your expectations. What about the drinks? Don’t worry, we didn’t forget—

Brunch–where dreams become reality

Until The Next Brunch,


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