Romantic Views On A Hill

The evening started with one of the smoothest whiskey cocktails I have ever had. *Disclaimer I don’t really enjoy whiskey, not quite man enough yet. But, when I felt bold and asked the waitress what she thought I should try I couldn’t make a fool of myself. To my absolute surprise it was delicious. Named the “smoke and honey” for blatant reasons (smokey taste and honey) it went down smooth and could’ve easily enjoyed 2-3 of them


The next thing we decided to get was the crab cakes and we told the server to try and get them out quickly because we needed them asap…..for the gram of course 😉  The server got the order in and we were able to beat the sunset and snag a good shot right before we devoured them. These crab cakes were perfect, although I wish the portion was slightly bigger. But what they lacked in quantity they sure made up for in quality img_8246

Finally the entrees. I (Buddy) ordered the lobster mac and cheese which was nothing short of outrageous. Flavor explosion all over the place; Tasha wanted to steal my plate because it was that good. Loaded with tons of lobster chunks and truffle flavors in a creamy cheese sauce; heaven on a plate. Tasha ended up ordering a delicious cut of Salmon, which would have probably tasted even better if it wasn’t in light of us eating my Mac and Cheese which completely stole the show. Besides the food being splendid, and the service impeccable, it was  the views that will have us come back for more. The romance in the air was real, not sure if it had anything to do with the stiff drinks, but we felt the magic for sure.


It was a perfect evening

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-The Clays

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