Saintly Service

On our way to explore the Smoky Mountains we realized “Woah! we haven’t had our caffeine fix” About to embark on an unknown hike we both knew we would need some extra energy. Quick google search and we couldn’t find any Starbucks on the way, so that led to a generic “coffee” search which brought us to the Artistic Bean. DSCF0385

Let me tell you, this was much better than our usual Starbucks on the go we tend to get solely based off convenience. Fun fact, Tasha and I really enjoy coffeeshops, especially Mom and Pop style places, it just gives us all of those goody goody feelings deep in our tummy meats.

This place exceeded any expectation, as we were basically at the cusp of the mountains and knew that restaurants, coffeeshops, and stores in general were few and far at this point. Walking in we were greeted by the kindest people, one of which happened to be the owner. We head to the register, go a little fancier than usual by ordering a London Fog, and Chai Tea Latte (when in rome). We proceed to pay after we made our boujie request and they say “sorry our card reader hasn’t been working today, we can only accept cash” we proceed to say “who carries cash, its 2018, what about bitcoin?” (JK that would never happen, but we didn’t have any cash) Mind you, the drinks haven’t been made yet, but the owner tells us, don’t worry about, its on us this time. woah! kindness is a rarity these days, and needless to say it warmed out hearts more than the cozy coffeeshop itself. We said the least we can do is share this experience with our followers, so voila! It wasn’t just the service and free dranks that compelled us, we genuinely loved this place and were thrilled to hear they have another location close to our home. Both of our drinks were awesome, and my latte was one of the best I have had. One of the last things that made us even happier, they roast all their own coffee right in the shop! (so cool)DSCF0392


So, here you go– thank you so much Artistic Bean for proving again that small business owners are the absolute best.

Stay Thirsty My friends,


Web: Artistic Bean

Instagram: Artistic Bean


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