Sea Salt

Started the night off with this ‘Salty Hog’ which was vodka, grapefruit and the obvious all in your face delectable piece of bacon as garnish. It had some real nice elements to it, and I gladly will try anything with bacon in it. FullSizeRender 56

Next we got a dish that was called the ‘Surf and Surf’. The best way to describe this would be, seafood paradise. They basically jump in the ocean and snag all the goodies they can find, grill them up, and salt it to perfection. The idea of this restaurant is farm to table, or sea to table and the seasoning with different salts. The actual location of this is place is right by the beach, about a mile a way, they wanted to capture the essence of that, which they did.FullSizeRender 57

After that we munched on some steak and sausage which again held true to their theme of farm to table, with the perfect amount of  seasoning. FullSizeRender 54Overall this is my ideal establishment. Meats, and very little carbs. Im a sucker for salt, and they did an excellent job of salting everything perfectly, at least it was perfect for me. We will definitely be coming back to dine here. Two thumbs wayyyyyyy up.

Instagram: @SeasaltHB


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