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Right in our back yard, well not in the literal sense, but within a few miles, is a blatantly not hidden gem we have never been to. Its impossible to miss and obviously many people frequent this restaurant, God only knows why we haven’t been there yet. With that said, the other night Tasha and I had a lovely date night on a Friday evening after work. We asked to be seated on the patio, which was huge, and had all sorts of different seating.(next time we will sit by the fire, which looked super cool) We had a nice 2 person table, it was a perfect temperature with indirect sunlight, which made me happy for taking pictures . We started with a flight of beers and some appetizers. We asked the kitchen to prep some charcuterie for us and we had to try the spinach artichoke dip πŸ™‚DSCF4239DSCF4229DSCF4211

Beautiful and absolutely delicious. We have been known to be suckers for charcuterie, and this one was top notch, with the perfect parings to share between the two of us. The dip was good, but didn’t have as much cheese as my camera wanted, and couldn’t really snag a nice cheese-pull picture to help everyones mouth water–but still just as delicious.

Camera = Sad

Stomach = Happy

After that we ordered a fantastic cocktail that was very unique. It was prepared table-side and turned into ice cream! it was called the 50/50 and it was made with liquid nitrogen, infused with liquor and some other juices. Tasted similar to a boozy orange creamsicle—such a fun preparation and the end product tasted fantastic.


Finally we ordered our entrees, and as the title should have led you to believe, we got some Seafood. I went with a classic surf and turf, that came with a mutant lobster that made the piece of steak look tiny, although it really wasn’t. Tasha went with a salmon dish. Everything was amazing, my only complaint was that some parts of my lobster seemed to be slightly over-cooked, nothing that would slow me down from ordering it again, just my duty to be honest. Steak was perfect, I ordered it medium rare, and it actually came out medium rare. Tasha said hers was perfect as well. So, we will for sure come back, and probably just end up getting some drinks and more charcuterie πŸ™‚


Stay Classy California,


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