Sharing Is Caring

One of the many amazing things about our marriage, and something that I don’t think any couples think about before getting into a relationship is each others willingness to share food. Thankfully Tasha and I have no problem sharing, and rarely fight over the last bite (Tasha is more selfless and makes sure to always give me the last bite) With that said, we went out to  one of our favorite spots which encourages you to share. We started off with some Burrata (our current favorite) and also ordered a few cocktails.



Just so you know, one reason this place is so awesome is because their bar area is MASSIVE, and it encourages you to sit next to strangers and potentially make some new friends.(communal dining)  The atmosphere, and ambience are fun, upbeat, and classy with an uptake garden feel. The seating area is always bright (during the day) and feels wide open. You can see their stone-fire grills where pizza is being constantly made, and they really do a great job of owning the  Italian- California cuisine and making it consistently delicious. Next up we knew we had to get the truffle fries and at that point why not add some more carbs to mix with a pizza.



And there you have it–absolutely delicious food, with an amazing atmosphere which will equate to a perfect dining experience any day of the week.

Stay Hungry,


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