First Staycation with babygirl

It’s safe to say that we have been especially excited to get hall passes on posting all sorts of corny family photos, now that we have a baby girl. We probably could’ve got away with matching pajamas in the past, but now its 100% excusable, because it’s for the baby 😉 With that being said, we were so excited to have a quick overnight stay in Anaheim for her first trip. It was good practice for all of the future traveling we plan to do, as it was only a 20 Minute drive from home. With way more packed than we needed for one night, we hopped in the car and heading towards the The Grand LegacyXT209377

Upon check in, which was a questionably easy process, we made our way up to our room and found this fun little gift bag waiting for us. Inside were chocolate and some mickey ears, with a note welcoming us for our stay–what a great touch! Tasha immediately tried the ears on, and we wanted to see if is Brooklyn would join her for a picture, but she wasn’t a fan of having the ears on her head. (Tasha rocked them well though)XT209373

We then began to unpack all of our stuff, and check out the room, which was one of the cleanest I’ve been to. Thats the biggest deal breaker for me, if the room isn’t perfectly clean I’m immediately disappointed, so thankfully this wasn’t the case. I also love if my room has a tub big enough for me to soak in. being 6ft 2in, its tough to find one of those to get much needed R&R. Our room at the Legacy was off to a great start.(Pardon the wrinkles on the one bed, that’s when we tried to put the ears on Brooklyn and grab a picture–she was not having it)XT209381XT209367

After we scoped out the room and took some pictures we headed up to the fifth floor to experience one of the best rooftop bars/restaurants we have been to (and the only one in Anaheim).

The Fifth was absolutely amazing. We have been to our share of rooftop lounges, and the overlying theme is cramped, and crowded. Although the fifth started to fill up when we were leaving, there was ample space and nothing felt crowded. It was one of the largest and thoughtfully planned out rooftops we have been to. We had superb seats that were overlooking Disney, which had plenty of room for us and a stroller (Huge plus!) They also had spacious seating for large groups that came with comfy seating and fire pits. We will for sure come back with a group of friends, and spend a few hours up there enjoying cocktails and the view 🙂XT209389XT209392IMG_9226

Again, our first impressions were far greater than we expected, and couldn’t wait to dive into the food. We were hungry, and timed our meal perfectly because the baby was fast asleep in her stroller, which allowed us to have our first(hands free and quiet) date night since she was born. We started with some cocktails and then began to dissect the menu. Tasha ordered the ‘Sammy Likes Peaches” and I got an old fashioned * which I failed to get pictures of*…XT209401

After that we scanned the menu and placed our orders. We got some buffalo chicken flatbread and chicken wings to start. This next piece is very important, so pay attention. I love buffalo anything, its basically my favorite. I have had a lot of mediocre wings, buffalo pizza, buffalo mac and cheese and lots of absolutely delicious buffalo inspired meals. The flatbread I ordered from The Fifth, Game. Changer. This flatbread gave me purpose in life. I felt inspired after eating it…my eyes were open to new colors and my vocabulary even began to improve. It was sensational. I honestly didn’t care what anything else tasted like at that point, I knew I would be coming back no matter what and I would be ordering this piece of heaven. Seriously, it was sensational…I may have shed a tear after the first bite, it was that stinking good. (and it came out on a California shaped cutting board, bravo)XT209412XT209409XT209414

For entrees, which at this point didn’t matter after eating the flatbread, we went with the Crafted Burger, and Steak and Fries. The burger was good, nothing that would cause a tear like the flatbread, but it wasn’t bad. Tasha’s steak was delicious and cooked perfectly. It was just hard for me to experience anything after devouring that outrageous flatbread, plus I was starting to get stuffed to the gills. I did feel as the though my burger could’ve been cooked a little better, I ordered medium, and it came out medium well. The steak was a perfect medium, and the fries crisp to perfection. XT209418XT209420

Although we were stuffed, and basically filled to capacity, we showed up to this restaurant knowing they had a show stopper on their hands. We have heard from far and wide that we needed to try their dessert. Foodies from all over spoke of an elusive creation that was found on the roof of the Legacy that needed to be experienced, so we made sure to leave just enough room for that. What possibly could this be you might be thinking? How about top shelf liquor infused donuts. Yes. Liquor infused donuts. We happen to love donuts, and we also love some good liquor, so this combo sounded too good to be true. The ‘Drunken Donuts’ were available in 3 flavors: Orange Liqueur, Coffee Liqueur, and Takeets…or as some call it, Tequila. We went for our dear friend Mr. Tequila on this one. The donuts came out warm, and smelling like grandmas kitchen on a cozy winter day, and our mouths were already watering. we squeezed some lime on them (muscle memory from college) and sunk our teeth into that beautiful creation. They were amazing. Just the right amount of tequila flavor, with a sensational donut that was coated in cinnamon and sugar. These adult munchkins made our hearts warm. It’s a fun idea, and it was executed wonderfully. XT209437XT209432

We asked for the check, a doggy bag, and made our way back to the room with our stomachs full and hearts happy. Remember the matching pajamas mentioned earlier? It was time to be cliche parents and snag some fun photos before our food coma fully hit us. Changing into our Target holiday jammies, we got ready for a pre-sleep photoshoot. We were all  feeling pretty cozy and cute, took those pictures and called it a night!IMG_9238

Thanks you for following along, and until the next adventure,


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