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I want to start off talking about how our night was so enjoyable! We were both honestly surprised about how the night went. Our expectation  low, and went into the evening thinking that it would be a cheesy, low budget, semi-funny dinner with low quality props and actors—and how we were wrong..

The dinner started in a lobby where they had a bar, and some snacks to munch on while waiting for the show to start. They recommended getting to the venue about 45 minutes early, I guess this was to make sure everyone got a little loose and prepped for the comedy that would ensue shortly after. Soon as we walked in the door we realized it was a higher budget than we thought, and were pleasantly surprised with the drink options and costumes that staff were wearing. So, after a drink and a few minutes of mingling, 3 of the main performers came out and started to tell us rules and guidelines and prepped us for the evening. Then, a curtain fell down and low and behold, we were actually in the main dining area and the stage/tables were revealed. It was beautiful!! now we were really excited. Our seats were right next to the stage, so we got a great view, although I don’t think there were any bad seats in the house (relatively small). Soon as we were seated our server of the evening, who was one of the singers/actors, greeted us and asked for drink orders. Soon as she left the first course came out which was a very tasty tomato soup. Oh, and real quick here is a picture of the 3 main actors/comedic hosts of the evening. DSCF3899DSCF3834

They were amazing. Hilarious, and talented. while we enjoyed soup, the main host came out to introduce herself and further explain the evening, she, was also a very talented and funny individual–also wearing an impressive, high quality costumeDSCF3847

After she made a few jokes, and sang a song, she invited the first real act to come out, which was a hilarious magician, who was equally talented as he was funny.DSCF3894

He performed a few tricks that absolutely blew our minds. Continuing to exceed our expectations. following his performance we were brought our salad, which was also very tasty. ( sorry that there won’t be any food pictures, lighting was poor at the table and I was too distracted by what was happening on the stage to snap any good ones of food–i know this is a food blog…oh well) while we ate the salad the next act came out–an arial performer who also blew our mind with how talented and strong she was.


Next, another comedian/magician–who was more comedian than magician compared to the first act which was more magician, so it was a good balance if that makes sense. The thing we loved most was the constant entertainment and perfectly spread out meals. We never felt like we were waiting for food, and the evening went by so quickly even though it was close to 3 hours.

Our only complaint was the main course. The food here was sub-par and nothing special at all, which made us sad because the whole evening had been perfect so far. We thought maybe its just because we pay closer attention to the food, but the next day we read reviews on yelp, and this seemed to be a common thread, so hopefully the kitchen can fix this, and make Teatro Martini an absolutely perfect event from start to finish. Overall we give this Dinner Theater an A. We would love to give it an A+ but that won’t happen unless the food improves. Here are a few more shots from the evening, and we highly recommend going here for a fun night out, you won’t be disappointed 🙂DSCF3950DSCF3931DSCF3874DSCF3876DSCF3837

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  1. I have been there a couple of times and yes, the show is absolutely fabulous, meals do need improvement. But my sister and I would recommend the show for a fun and good night out.

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