Where Brooklyn at?

let me start off by saying that the Birthday/Babymoon month was a complete success. We for sure need a vacation after that month long vacation, also a serious detox too!

With that said, here is one of our many tasty stops in NYC; The BedfordDSCF4949DSCF4948DSCF4947

What a gorgeous place!

We had rented a car for this trip so the only negative was that it took us about 20 minutes to find parking, but thats expected for NYC.

Williamsburg Brooklyn is super trendy and we loved everything about it. We walked up to the unassuming location and found the cutest little restaurant with a gorgeous interior. We like to eat at weird hours so its not too busy, and not bother people with having our camera out, hence the fact that its empty inside. But, don’t let the pictures fool you, this place gets poppin’, and as we were finishing up our meal we found more and more people heading in for some after work munchies and drank….which they have plenty of. Also, the limited outdoor seating was already taken up since the weather was perfect.

As for our drank, we started off with tasty, and beautiful cocktails that included the Spicy Shrub Paloma and a Cilantro Jalapeño Margarita. DSCF4955DSCF4958

Both drinks had a spicy rim that added the perfect contrast to the sweet flavors 🙂 After that we tried to choose what we wanted off of the menu, and in typical FoodieOC fashion we went with way more than we should’ve. The issue here came from the fact that they were serving brunch, which really messed us up because we are complete suckers for a good brunch! It was a good time to work on self control, but in the end we ordered mostly off of the brunch menu and gave into our urges to be basic.DSCF4968DSCF4991

Despite the fact that we were basic, these brunch items were far from being basic. We got Risotto Balls that consisted of kale pesto, fine herbs, lemon & pecorino and also their Avocado Toast that came on charred sourdough, smooth avocado, lime (such a perfect touch!) & sea salt. Outstanding start.

Next came the entrees and shareables.DSCF4974DSCF4970DSCF4981

I went for one of the best chicken sandos I have had, which blew my mind by its sheer mass and then its amazing flavors. This was for sure a double handed sandwich, plus a fork and knife type of job. Its name was the ‘Pickleback Fried Chicken Sandwich’. The inner workings of it were, Pickleback slaw,( sooooo yummy!) Bulliet Bourbon aioli on a brioche bun & old bay fries. Absolute Dynamite. Tasha opted for a healthier option and got the Farro Salad, which included spinach, shaved vegetables, mint, and a white balsamic vinaigrette. She loved it, and said its what her and our little baby girl needed after all of the pizza and junk we had eaten the previous few days. We also decided to get a flatbread that was offered as one of the daily specials. It was a Goat cheese and fig flatbread that had a spectacular balsamic glaze over it 🙂


Prepare yourself for what happened after our meal…





We thought we were finished, but our waitress said we needed to end with dessert and order their drunken cookie….good lord. Its tough to fully describe what happened next,  since both of us blacked out, briefly went to heaven, came back and had an empty bowl in front of us. This ooey, gooey warm cookie miracle in a bowl was Chocolate Ganache poured over pieces of soft baked cookie and topped with warm cookie dough– it took our taste buds to a place we didn’t know existed. It came with a syringe to inject it with a white chocolate rainbow sauce. Take a few moments to grasp that and go back and stare at it in all of its glory. DSCF4980

Its safe to say that lunch was a complete success and next time we are in Brooklyn, we won’t hesitate to stop by the Bedford and work on the rest of their menu.

Stay classy,





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