Vacationing with AirBNB

The past week we have been working with AirBNB and trying out a new way of travel compared to our usual hotel stays. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love hotels, and nothing can quite compare to staying at one, but AirBNB adds many different elements that a hotel can’t offer. For one, the size; the odds of finding a hotel room that has 4 bedrooms, a private pool, two car garage and full kitchen is slim to none. Its nice to have all of that space, especially when you are staying near family.

Speaking of family, we decided to have a pool party and celebrate my younger brother getting married! *Congrats, Corey!* The house we were staying at was the absolute perfect place to host such a gathering. KnoxvilleKnoxville pool

95 degrees and sunny, we couldn’t have planned this out better if we tried. Fully equipped with indoor/outdoor bluetooth speakers, this little pool soiree was sure to be a classic. We had more than enough space for everyone, and the outdoor table had seating for all to be comfortable. We went to Costco and stocked up on the essentials for a food filled day, and the end result was a masterpiece. Costco truly never disappoints us, and we always leave as happy customers. *not all delectables are pictured*DSCF6404-2DSCF6396-2

Who knew that a 100 piece shrimp platter even existed?! Clearly Costco would be the place to serve that, and it was perfect. We also picked up a case of champagne and orange juice *not pictured* as the drink of the day were mimosas. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and drinks, and celebrating my brother and sister in-laws marriage couldn’t have been a more merry occasion.

After the BBQ we were super excited to just relax and enjoy the beautiful home. It was clean, comfortable and decorated well. What we really liked was the simplicity. There weren’t too many decorations or too much furniture, it was for the most part just the necessities which gave it an overall fantastic feel. (thats our preferred style of decorating)DSCF6301-2IMG_5290IMG_5288IMG_5287 After the long day of being in the sun we were excited to wind down and take advantage of our sleeping arrangements. We absolutely loved the  master bedroom and the cozy king bed it had. Besides the comfy bed, there was a huge bathroom attached which had a whirlpool tub, perfect for soaking and relaxing before we drifted off to slumber-land. DSCF6272-2DSCF6295-2

As you can see, it was clean, simple and exactly what we needed for the perfect weekend getaway. The host was readily available to answer any and all questions we had before, during and after our trip, and we will for sure recommend this to any friends that plan to visit Knoxville. The neighborhood itself was cute and quaint, and almost had a Pleasantville feel to it, with all the houses being perfect with immaculately manicured lawns. But, as you can see, not many had pools like our AirBNB, so this spot was definitely one of the best options in the area :)DCIM100MEDIADJI_0071.JPG


The Pregnant momma was taking full advantage of hanging out by the pool, and it was a great spot to enjoy our morning coffee/tea and relax before we headed out to our next location…..which will be covered soon 😉


Until next time, Knoxville





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