What Kind Of Fish Is That?

Oh, I’m glad you asked, that right there is a Slapfish. “What is a Slapfish?!” A Slapfish is quite unique actually, currently native to southern California , but may be migrating throughout the west coast quicker than people thought. “What does a Slapfish taste like?” It has many different  tastes, which makes the Slapfish even more unique. Our favorite spot to find the not so elusive Slapfish is right in Irvine. The flavors can be quite similar to that of lobster, shrimp, and many other basic fish of sea, but these babies are a lot more tasty, and a lot more beautiful. Its a fanciful fish, decorated for the seasoned eater who likes to enjoy their fish in burritos and with nachos. Pictured below is a Slapfish breakfast burrito, which can and should be consumed for any meal of the day. Don’t get fooled into thinking its only good for breakfast, because that would be naive. Loaded with Lobster, egg, french fries and whole slew of tasty sauces/veggies, this burrito will surely fuel your day for any adventures that arise.

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The next form the Slapfish is found, is in the not so common form of nachos. If you are ever lucky enough to find this beauty, hold on to it, savor each bite and count yourself blessed to be alive at such a time. Slapfish is known to offer itself in seasonal forms, and in specific geographical locations. These Lobster nachos were found in Irvine, and only lasted for a month or so. We thank the lord every day that we were able to not only devour them, but document it to the world–this way people wouldn’t think we were conspiracy theorist.Processed with Snapseed.

The final Slapfish we will share with you all today, as we haven’t had the chance to document all of their beautiful forms just yet, is the classic, and more common than others, Lobster Roll. This is one that the family can build memories on, as it it offered year round at all locations. Just because its common doesn’t mean its not special. Your taste buds will explode with happiness and this will be one of the many reasons you continue to track down the Slapfish for as long as you live.

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